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We will provide you the important MCQ'S of INDIAN ECONOMY regarding railway NTPC exams and also for recent exams like RAIL RRC,SSC CGL,SSC CHSL,PSC,MTS,RRB and so on. This PDF and our support are the pathway of your success. We always guide you how to achieve  success in a good manner and provide a good study notes.

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1.  When was the concept of Human Development Index introduced by the United Nations Development programme?

Ans- 1990

2. Which of the fastest expansion during the plan period in India?

Ans- Service

3. In terms of Human Development Index, India falls under which category?

Ans- Medium

4. The largest source of India’s Gross domestic Product is ______?

Ans- Service sector

5. Indian Economy is a ______?

Ans- Mixed Economy

6. Structural Adjustment Policy was introduced by India on taking loan from_____?

Ans- IMF

7. India’s Informal sector engages_____?

Ans- 93% of its work force.

8. Who is the pioneer of Economic Nationalism?

Ans- R.C.Dutta. 

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